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We understand what it means for you to have your work and leisure tool not working properly. Out of desperation to see it operational, you could try to resolve any errors on your own; however, this is never a good idea (unless, of course, you have knowledge of Apple Mac technical support). Yes, you must take action as soon as possible so that the problem is not greater, but you must do it correctly. How? Going with the experts in IT support. Who is it? You decide it! Our proposal? AppleTechMac.

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chargers and batteries 鈽戯笍

If your device’s battery or charger is experiencing errors, we can help. With a change of these pieces it will be enough. Shall we contact?

Data recovery 鈽戯笍

Has important information been deleted from your computer? Don’t worry! We can do a data recovery to solve it.

Keyboard replacement on Apple Mac 鈽戯笍

Problem with your keyboard? Until today you will have it! We help you with keyboard replacement quickly and safely. Write us!

Hinge and chassis repair 鈽戯笍

Problems with the chassis or the hinge of your equipment? No more! Te help with the repair of chassis and hinges effectively.

screen repair 鈽戯笍

Your computer screen has been damaged. Now what can you do? Do not be sad! We can do a screen change right now.

change of hard drive 鈽戯笍

If what you need is more power in your computer, do not hesitate to make a change of hard drive. We can do it today with your device.

Genuine Windows Installation Apple Mac 鈽戯笍

You no longer have to worry about not running the Windows installation correctly on your computer. At AppleTechMac we are going to help you with that task.

Locate your Apple Mac computer repair shop

We are located in Madrid, at Calle de Joaqu铆n Mar铆a L贸pez, 26.

How to get quickly to our facilities鉃★笍

AppleTechMac It is located in Madrid, C. de Joaqu铆n Mar铆a L贸pez 26, very close to the Spain Square,to just 8 minutes and only 3 stops froml Subway Philippine Islands.

We are also close to: We are also close to:Complutense University of MadridAutonomous University of Madrid,  Comillas Pontifical University   Saint Louis University 鈥 Madrid Campus. In addition, we are close to the school La Salle Sagrado Coraz贸n ,  Decroly College, Asunci贸n Rinc贸n and the Jesus Master School.

Other landmarks where you can find the best Mac computer repair service in Madrid and Spain: the Temple of Debod and the West Park, We are also very close to the following bus lines: Cristo ReyLa Paz University Hospital, Circular 1, Marques de Viana, Pitis, Line 2 and Line 12. Stops of the Subway Philippine IslandsMoncloa and Canal.

Where can you repair an Apple Mac laptop, with warranty, in Spain? 馃柋锔

Check if your PC warranty is still valid or active. If so, you can contact Apple Mac technical support in Spain through its website, givingclick here.

1) Search the web

Find the product you have to repair Mac computers in Spain. You can do this in the contact section.

2) Once in the contact area

You can speak directly with an operator, via chat, or go to the Apple Mac forum.

We recommend that you contact the operator to refer your case to technical support staff as soon as possible. You can also communicate directly with them through the following contact number: 900812703

We do all kinds of

Apple Mac Repair in Madrid 馃崕

It does not matter what is the problem that afflicts you today. Our IT professionals can help you solve it. Not only in the capital, but also in any other area of 鈥嬧婼pain.

Lo que puedes hacer para cuidar la bater铆a de un port谩til

All the pieces that make up a laptop are of the utmost importance. Even the slightest must be given due attention so that the equipment works properly. But if there is a common doubt among the users of this brand, it is how to take care of theApple Mac laptop battery. In that sense, the main and probably the most logical answer is not to misuse the entire device itself, that is, try to keep it in a space where it does not receive excessive heat or cold or prevent the laptop from falling into the I usually. But there are other actions you can take for it.

  1. Do not load the PC when you just bought it.
  2. And after it has constant use, you should also charge it when it is at 20%.
  3. Charge the device at night or when it is turned off.
  4. To take care of the battery of a laptop of this brand there is something you should never do: do not leave the device completely discharged when you turn it off.
  5. Calibrating the battery is the best thing you can do.
  6. Do not let the equipment overheat to take care of the battery.



Step 1

Tell us the problem of yourApple Mac

Tell us what is happening with your PC so that we can easily repair it.

Step 2

Get a price

Check the value of the repair. Your equipment will undergo a thorough evaluation and you will be given a free estimate.

Step 3

Send us Apple Mac machine

Ideally, you should move your device to our store. You can also request home delivery for greater convenience.

Frequent questions 鉂斺潝鉂斺潝

Is it necessary to make payment in advance?

There’s no need. Cuando tu producto haya sido reparado completamente, reci茅n podr谩s hacer el pago correspondiente por el servicio t茅cnico.

How long does it take to repair Apple Mac computers?

It will depend on the level of damage that your device counts. Our professionals work to complete the diagnosis within 24 to 48 hours If the problem is minor, the repair may be in a short time.

Is it necessary to make an appointment?

It is not necessary, since you can go to our store when you need to make any queries about your Apple.

Is there an additional charge for the diagnosis?

No, our diagnoses and budgets are completely free and without obligation.

Are we in a restricted area?

No. We have easy parking for our clients who wish to have our service.

And where can you park?

We have public parking at Calle Blasco de Garay 61. Just a few meters from our establishment.

What about the warranty?

All our products and services have a 6-month warranty. We also make the return of the money in some specific cases, if necessary.

Do the parts also have a guarantee?

We are not an official Apple technical service, however, we work with the original parts for your device which do have a guarantee.

In Madrid they know us thanks to the great technical service we provide to our customers 馃拵

We are emphasized in making effective diagnoses. Your team’s evaluation will be detailed and professional. We are constant and determined with each repair. As long as your equipment is in our hands, every technical defect will be fixed.


Original components

We have 100% functional pieces, but, above all, original ones, for your complete confidence and comfort.

15 years of experience

Our extensive experience supports us when it comes to repairing Apple Mac computers. You will know that your device will be in good hands.

Custom quote

You will not need to add anything to the fee. We provide you with a personalized andFREE quote. We provide you with a personalized and FREE quote

high quality service

We carry out all kinds of repairs, cleaning and an exhaustive evaluation of the PCs that enter the laboratory in Chamber铆.

Detailed evaluation

Our service has an internal and external evaluation of MAC devices. The client will be able to support the diagnosis by detailing the errors that his PC has.

Personalied technical advice

After receiving the diagnosis, the Apple Mac computer repair staff will help the customer select the repair process that best suits the needs of the computer.

Professional attention

At all times we will keep in touch with the client. If you have doubts about the procedures being carried out with your device, you can go to our facilities and observe in detail the progress of the Mac computer repair.


Your device will be in good hands thanks to our Apple Mac support professionals


Do you have any questions about purchasing any of our services? Can’t move your equipment and want to know how you can get us to look for it and take it for you? We can answer all the questions you have about what we offer you in less than 24 hours!